13 things I have learnt supporting creative agencies

Thanks to all those who have congratulated us on 13 years of Every Sense. So what, if anything, have I learnt in 13 years of helping creative agencies to grow, prosper and achieve their potential…? Here are just 13 thoughts.

  1. A vision, a plan and some targets means you know where you are going
  2. A vision, a plan and some targets means you know when you have got there
  3. That creativity is driven by insight and insight is driven by curiosity
  4. That team Workshops work because ‘none of us is as smart as all of us’
  5. That every creative agency needs a value proposition
  6. That effective account management and development is the secret weapon most agencies ignore
  7. That the more agencies listen to clients and the better they understand the needs of the target audience, the better the solution will be
  8. That many agencies don’t know what their clients are really buying when they buy from them (and that it helps to find out…)
  9. That profitability gives you choices
  10. That clients choose trust over creativity
  11. That ‘tell me’ is a great start to a conversation
  12. That there are few things more satisfying than seeing young creative talent develop and fly
  13. That enthusiasm and generosity are contagious

Here’s to the next 13!