Is the forecast sunny for your production company or agency?

Or are you battling under what feels like a persistent low and storm clouds? The weather may be hard to predict, but we can predict all too confidently that, without a clear, differentiated value proposition your creative agency will have turbulent times. Check out the short-term forecast. Do any of these situations sound familiar…

  1. You want to update your website but don’t know what to say
  2. You invested in a sales person. They put in plenty of time and effort but generated negligible  revenue
  3. You get lots of nice credentials meetings – but they don’t turn into work
  4. A long-term client gives the major project you were expecting to another agency
  5. You slash budgets but others get the work
  6. Work you would have previously subcontracted is now kept in-house to reduce costs
  7. You are glad to do minor projects you would have turned down 5 years ago
  8. Clients don’t want to invest time in discussing a brief – they just want a price
  9. Clients don’t appreciate your depth of experience and what you bring to a brief
  10. Margins have tumbled
  11. You are not sure your staff have the right skills (and you are not sure what skills they should have)
  12. You have no idea what your agency will look like in 3 years’ time

A value proposition answers the question: ‘why would your ideal client choose you over the competition?’ It is an essential part of any creative agency’s strategy.  At Every Sense we live and breathe value proposition development for creative agencies and production companies.

Our process is practical, insightful, collaborative and above all, effective. Develop your value proposition, regain control and direction and bring on sunny times!