Want to understand what clients really need?

We have a unique methodology to gain a clear, independent understanding of your agency from a client’s perspective and what they really value about you, rather than what you think they value.

Our research often results in immediate new business opportunities, provides great insight for marketing and business development, and opens up future opportunities. It always enhances the relationship between the agency and client. The client insight process also provides the basis for a compelling differentiated proposition for your agency.

It is clear, simple and easy for your clients.

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  • What your clients are really buying when they buy from you

  • A client perspective on how you add value

  • How they see you in relation to the competition

  • Areas for service improvement or development

  • Areas for development to further meet client needs or to anticipate client needs of the future

  • A client perspective on how to improve your marketing and business development.

For an initial conversation in complete confidence call Angela Law or Peter Wrigglesworth 01491 412094