Do you know why your ideal client would choose you over the competition? 

To gain new clients and sustainable, profitable growth you need to know why your ideal client would choose you over the competition.  You need a Value Proposition.

A differentiated Value Proposition is your secret weapon. It is the difference between agencies that thrive and those that stall.

Every Sense has a unique, thorough, practical process to help uncover your Value Proposition.  

Our proven process has changed the fortunes and future for numerous agencies.

Every Sense can help you develop a Value Proposition which: 

  • Is driven by client needs - especially those crucial unmet needs

  • Is built on your strengths

  • Identifies the sectors, clients and projects where you are most likely to succeed, deliver profitable projects and develop profitable relationships

  • Provides clarity and focus for all sales and marketing activities

  • Eliminates expensive and ineffective sales and marketing activities

  • Harnesses your capabilities

  • Provide opportunities to develop new added-value products and services

  • Addresses trends and future needs

  • Draws on the skills and talents of your team

  • Delivers on your ambitions

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