Our approach is based on three key principles.


We build on client needs and insights.  You’ll get a clear, independent understanding of your agency from a client’s perspective and what they really value about you, rather than what you think they value. Our research creates a great platform for marketing and business development, frequently results in immediate new business opportunities and always enhances the relationship between the agency and client. Above all, our research helps you understand what your clients will need in the future. This insight means you can develop a value proposition where your agency is a long term partner to clients rather than just another supplier.   


We involve and engage your leadership team and people in highly-participative, collaborative  and insightful Workshops.  This powerful approach releases capability, gets buy-in from your team, generates new ideas, and helps everyone step up and work together to deliver greater value for you and your clients. No expensive consultancy reports that lie unused on a shelf here! We draw on the talents and ambitions of your team and enable you to work together towards common and co-created goals.

3. strengths  

We play to strengths and minimise weakness.  Every agency has positives and expertise to build on.  Our unbiased perspective helps identify those strengths, relate them to the needs of specific market sectors and clarify a profitable direction.  

The support we give is tailored to your specific business, personal and financial objectives as a company owner or principal. There are no off-the-shelf solutions. 

For an initial conversation in complete confidence call Angela Law or Peter Wrigglesworth 01491 412094