Peter Wrigglesworth

Peter's 30 years of experience in running creative agencies was developed on the back of a varied career in photography, filmmaking and video production.

Peter's own agency, Upstream, became a broadly based communication agency advising clients on communication strategy and producing programmes and presentations across a wide range of media including events, video, print and digital. The company attained a very high profile, winning many awards for its creativity and quality including the CBI Award for Effective Communication and the Sony Award for Effective Business Communication. Peter later merged Upstream with another company, developing a focus on employee communication and engagement.

Having spent over 25 years at the sharp end of business communication, Peter is now a founding director of Every Sense. Peter's skills include seeing and clarifying the 'big picture', developing business strategy and the impact of mergers and acquisitions.  

Peter has studied Appreciative Inquiry, a strengths based model for Organisation Development.

Peter has a particular interest in the impact that digital media is having on business communication. A number of recent assignments have involved Peter in researching how digital media affects employee engagement and a company's ability to build trustworthy, collaborative relationships.


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