Creative companies depend on the skills of their people, the relationships their people develop with clients and the way they deliver. But many operate like dysfunctional families rather than businesses.  People join without clear roles, job descriptions, responsibilities or rewards linked to performance.  There is no regular communication about what is expected, where the company is going, what people should contribute or how they can develop. Whether people fit in, thrive and deliver or flounder, fail and leave is a matter of luck rather than judgement.

One of the keys to growth is to translate your plan into clear, simple actions which every member of the team can understand, commit to and deliver.

Every Sense can help you:

  • Create accurate & relevant job descriptions to improve recruitment
  • Develop responsibilities, rewards & motivation aligned with growth plans for the business
  • Develop simple, effective appraisals, development plans & mentoring
  • Use regular communication to inform, monitor and motivate
  • Develop your leadership, communication and people-management skills

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