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We work with creative agencies and production companies businesses across the UK, in a number of different sectors and at all stages of development from start-up to those seeking to realise the value of their company.

Every Sense clients say...

“Every Sense helped us refocus our brand, what it stands for and how it differentiates us from the competition. All our staff took part in the process which they found motivating and very worthwhile. Having a clear understanding, shared across the company about who we are and what we do has enhanced our marketing and service delivery.”

“We found working with Every Sense a fantastic experience. We had somewhat drifted from what we were offering our clients and Angela helped us to clearly focus on what we were offering to our clients. The process also helped to bring the entire team together and allowed us to agree a message that we could all get behind. We now feel that we have a clear message that we use on a daily basis and include our core brand message in all our advertising and pitch material. The exercise has helped us define who we are, what we offer and also enabled us to go out in tough market conditions with a clear offering. I would certainly endorse the work that Angela and Peter have done for our company and would recommend others to do this exercise.”

“Working with Angela and Peter has helped the company develop a clear strategic positioning as a leading provider of video and multi-media services to healthcare clients. Their knowledge and experience along with their direct approach to problem solving has been immensely useful to us.”

Angela Law worked with us to help us identify what we were good at, what we were respected for, and how we should encapsulate, understand and communicate our proposition better. The process involved listening to management and staff, and to our clients, and taking note not just of what was said but also the passion and emotion displayed in how we said it.

Angela was able to pull all this input together and identify a clear set of Core Values, and develop not only a brand message which supported that, but take that forward into a clear brand personality and a set of 'commandments' which are helping us keep the business on track every day. In many ways, that is the key to what she has achieved for us. What Angela was able to produce, from the very disparate input discussions, revealed to us what our business was really about, and it was a revelation when she was able to put it into clear statements that we can use daily.

 Being so close to the management and operational issues in a business, particularly in times such as these, means this broader perspective is often missed. With the process behind us we have been much more focused in our approach to market, through knowing what our key strengths are, where our key markets lie and understanding the powerful proposition we have in our sector. 

 I can highly recommend the process to any organization.”

“Working with Peter from Every Sense has been a very valuable and worthwhile exercise. It has helped me to understand our business better and to see the avenues open to us as we move forward. Having an opinion from outside the business has been very refreshing and enlightening, providing us for the first time some thoughts how to how we are doing, and where our future may lie. We have already made some very tangible changes and as our business grows I hope to continue using Peter’s skills, experience and knowledge to help further enhance our business offering.”

Every Sense is a remarkable company which provides a sophisticated combination of skills with a thorough understanding of the latest developments in the field. They deliver with consummate professionalism.”

Peter was great at being the mirror in which we could check ourselves as a business. It's not easy hearing that your baby is ugly but Peter did it with aplomb and or course, objectives in mind. We have got very good specific feedback and a plan to build a very grown up business. I'd recommend Peter to any business that finds itself at a crossroads. Just engage him before the lights change”!

“The strategic review by Angela has had a long-term impact on our business and has helped us to enhance the company’s overall value. Besides being nice people to do business with, they also impressed us with their honest approach, mature thinking and effective leadership skills.”

"Peter Wrigglesworth at Every Sense helped us to channel our efforts into analysing who we really are and what unique services we offer. The Brand Road Map that we devised together has motivated us to move forward and substantially grow the business over the next couple of years. Sometimes you can't see the wood from the trees. Peter has set us down the correct path using frank discussions, humour and a clarity of thinking that makes good business sense, bearing in mind our limited resources for sales and marketing. Always only a phone call away, it feels like he is already an integral part of our company."

“When I see other people’s web sites a sneaky smugness comes over me.  They all say the same thing and it’s all meaningless!  We used to be like that, but now we’re not. Working with Angela from Every Sense to take a look at what we do – and what we do well, was invaluable.  Taking another look to see what we do well and can help differentiate us from our competitors has been a vital step further.

We’ve always resisted mission statements and branding – only giant corporate company’s or dull conformists go for them, our thinking went.  But building behind a statement of what we do well, and what lay behind it, has been very useful.  Not only in marketing but also in helping new people understand where we come from – and where we want to go.  Vision and values are abused concepts, but having a brand roadmap has helped shape the way we work and present ourselves. When writing a proposal, or planning to meet people, I remind myself of how we reached our proposition. It helps clarify and shape what I’m doing. It’s a living thing and does help us approach our business.”

“Peter has a great deal of experience and wisdom to bring to any client. I found his advice and expertise hugely beneficial when looking to develop our own business and marketing plans”


Clients Say