Creative agencies and production companies are often started by creative people, rather than business people. Few set out with the aim of wealth creation or long term sustainable growth. The initial excitement is in winning the job, turning out good work, being praised by the client.

After some years of success many creative agencies hit a brick wall. Growth and diversification strategies are tried without success; margins are under pressure; the marketplace is more competitive then ever and changing more rapidly; and despite a bigger headcount (and higher overheads) as an owner you are working harder than ever.

The reality is that no business stands still. You are either moving backward – or forward.  You need to clarify what the business is, where you want it to go and how you are going to get there.

Every Sense can help you:

  • Plan for the future to meet specific business and personal goals
  • Develop a relevant and effective strategy and a plan to deliver
  • Get key stakeholders, especially employees, to buy-in to the plan
  • Change behaviours and processes to deliver on the plan
  • Monitor and evaluate performance to keep building on growth

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