We work with many different kinds of creative agencies and production companies and at all stages of development; from business start-ups to those seeking to realise the value of their company.

All our clients benefit from the extensive work we do across the creative and production sectors and the research and insight this generates. We have seen and evidenced the typical patterns that creative agencies and production companies have to address and the typical challenges they face. This knowledge helps us predict the likely outcome of your decisions and helps you make the right choices to meet your specific business and financial objectives.

We have developed approaches and processes to address issues including: vision and strategy development; value proposition development; brand development; client research; business development; marketing and sales planning; effective pitching and financial forecasting.

However, each company is different. The solutions we develop and the processes we use are tailored specifically to meet your business, personal and financial objectives as a company owner or principal. There are no off-the-shelf solutions.

Running a creative agency or production company can be rewarding and stressful. Our clients often comment on the significant value of having an objective, knowledgeable but supportive sounding board for their ideas, plans and concerns. We work with many clients on a long term basis.

Taking the decision to work with Every Sense is a decision to work on your business for your benefit.

We look forward to helping you take your business forward.


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Angela Law - Angela's career spans more than 25 years in media and marketing... more

Peter Wrigglesworth - More than 30 years experience in running production companies... more

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